Lessons from Babel

Lessons from Babel
History is a great teacher. We learn from our mistakes, our failures, and our successes. For those who believe that the Bible records the history of mankind, it is full of lessons for the world to use to correct undesirable behavior. Genesis chapter eleven records the events surrounding the building of a tower in what is called Babylon today. It was to be a monument for the people doing the work. God commended their zealousness, but was left out. As a result, He confused their language, the building ceased, and we can learn much from the story.

About The Authors

DAVID P. MCINTYRE - earned a BS in physics from S.U.C. Brockport, Brockport, NY. He was a high school chemistry, physics and math teacher who later went on to become a senior technical instructor for Beckman-Coulter responsible for developing and training students on highly technical medical and research instruments. Many of his students held doctorates in medicine and research. David now retired, has also authored That Bloody Book and Because They Said So Isn't Good Enough.

Dennis A. McIntyre - is a native of Rochester, New York, and served as an engineer and technical writer for Kodak and Siemens before his retirement. He currently resides in Dacula, Georgia and has authored several books including:  Legacy of Love, Coffee Shop Ministries, Shackled Yet Free, Freedom's Journey. And Free to Serve

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