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A Divine Journey

Life has many crossroads. Our choices affect our future and the lives we touch. One wrong decision may lead to destruction without someone to change our direction. None of us are perfect nor are our choices. What a joy we have in knowing that we are not alone. God knows everything about our journey and desires to lead us through tough times, trials and circumstances when we seek him. As a young father, I accepted Jesus as my Savior. Looking back, I can see his presence in my life long before I made that decision. He has been involved at every crossroad and continues guiding me today. This is our journey together.

The Quilt

The Quilt. Grandma McIntyre collected worthless pieces of cloth, cut them to the sizes she needed, and stitched them together to make quilts. She then gave them away to her grandchildren to keep them warm on those chilly winter nights. She turned worthless scraps into beautiful, valuable, and treasured mementos of her love. God does the same thing. He takes the good, the bad, and the ugly in our lives and "stitches" those experiences into a life "quilt" part of the tapestry of love to all those who will believe in Him.

The Acorn and the Oak Tree

The Acorn and the Oak Tree was written to offer comfort to my granddaughter. The loss of her "Granny" the year before still brought tears to her eyes whenever we were together. This story offers hope to anyone losing a loved one, as it did for her. I dedicate this story to my loving wife.

Coffee Shop Ministries

This Book of Dennis A. McIntyre "Coffee Shop Ministries" represents about twenty-five short stories about everyday people often over a cup of tea or coffee. The encounters were mostly strangers, whose lives were changed, or their stories deeply affected this author to write about them. Readers often commented on the writings with words that implied the meetings were not accidental. Many referred to them as divine appointments. Several stories followed as a result of the readers sharing their lives with this author to capture as well. This author desires for the world to know that we are not alone in our journey, especially spiritually. As many of the people in these stories have been encouraged, it is this author's hope that many more can also benefit by reading them. The characters in the stories are real people with hope restored, joy uplifted, and lives changed for the better

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