Coffee Shop Ministries

Book 1

Coffee Shop Ministries are short stories about everyday encounters with people while sharing a cup of tea or coffee. Author Dennis Prager felt led to capture these accounts and share them with the world. Some examples of responses to stories in the book are: "I long for your coffee shop fellowship during these times".


Shackled yet Free is a journey into the life of Jake, a man who faces obstacles from the get-go. Unable to recover from the pain of his past, his life is almost ruined until he finds God. He might be able to get his life back and find love, family, and absolution.

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Jake Wilson once sought to replace the loss of his father with many vices including alcohol, drugs, and women. Jake eventually turns his life around and becomes the man God always wanted him to be. In this inspirational tale, a man embarks on an emotional journey through his past, present, and future.

In "Freedom's Journey," Jake is reunited with his son, who he abandoned as a young father. Brandon felt a call to a ministry that would involve his father and the farm. They learn how God has a plan for them to serve each other in different ways.

Free To serve
Legacy of love

A new book commemorates the life of a World War II veteran. Author Dennis McIntyre's father landed on the beach at Normandy at the age of thirty. He had to find employment with a resume as a stay-at-home father and somehow, keep three boys together.

The Acorn and the Oak Tree was written to offer comfort to my granddaughter after the loss of her "Granny" the year before. The story offers hope to anyone losing a loved one, as it did for her. I dedicate this story to my loving wife.

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None of us are perfect nor are our choices. What a joy we have in knowing that we are not alone. God knows everything about our journey and desires to lead us through tough times, trials and circumstances when we seek him. This is our journey together.

The Psychology of Parables is a study of how Jesus used parables to avoid confrontation, while still teaching lessons. Author Dennis A. McIntyre and co-writer Ted Magee studied the meaning of the parable of the "Prodigal Son". This book explores how Jesus taught his followers how to handle difficult relationships in more positive ways.

Psychology of Parables


Grandma McIntyre made quilts for her grandchildren to keep them warm during the cold winter nights. God "stitches" our lives into beautiful, treasured mementos for those who will believe in him. The good, the bad, and the ugly are part of the tapestry of love.

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