Shackled Yet Free


When Jake was four years old, his life turned upside-down. One morning he woke up to his mother saying, “Your daddy does not live here anymore.” At the time, she was pregnant, and they needed money. Suddenly Jake was the man of the house, and he never saw his real dad again. His mother remarried, but it wasn’t the same. The damage had been done, and Jake’s path to destruction began.

As he grows, he tries to fill the emptiness of abandonment with drugs, violence, and troubled relationships. Of course his efforts failed, which only pushed him further toward a life of crime. Eventually, Jake goes too far, and he ends up behind bars. He has hit rock bottom, and there is no hope for recovery or redemption. But then he meets someone who changes all that and tells him about someone who is willing to forgive.

Shackled yet Free is a perilous journey into the life of a man who faces obstacles from the get-go. Unable to recover from the pain of his past, his life is almost ruined until he finds God. Jake never knew there was someone who would love him unconditionally and heal old wounds. No longer imprisoned by previous pain, Jake might be able to get his life back and find love, family, and absolution.

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