Freedom’s Journey Free to Serve

Freedoms Jorney 3D

Jake Wilson once sought to replace the loss of his father with many vices including alcohol, drugs, and women. But Jake eventually turns his life around and becomes the man God always wanted him to be. Now, he and his wife, Terry, have formed a family centered on faith, love, and, most importantly, hope. As he opens his heart and home to his two daughters through a custody agreement, Jake has no idea that he is about to discover the answers to the challenges that still plague him from his past.

As Jake’s daughters slowly acclimate to living with a new family, Jake finds solace in his Bible study group. With his family of six packed in a three-bedroom apartment, Jake has no choice but to push his financial misgivings aside and begin searching for a larger home. Soon after he places his trust in the Lord through prayer, Jake stumbles onto an old farmhouse in desperate need of renovation and secretly wonders if the ramshackle dwelling is the answer to his prayers.

In this inspirational tale, a man embarks on an emotional journey through his past, present, and future and soon discovers that God always has a plan.

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