''Coffee Shop Ministries'' KIRKUS Review Response

Book 1

In response to the Kirkus comment about why my two year old daughter was placed in the incident, where she was nearly crushed by my neighbor’s car, I would like to say this:

As a young father, I felt led to pray daily for the welfare of my children. If something were to happen to me, I needed assurance that my children were protected. When the car incident happened, I was picking up my grandmother on the other side of town. The call from my wife at home was devastating. Instantly, I feared for my daughter’s life, without knowing the situation fully. Relief came when I heard her laughing in the background , while talking to my wife on the phone. After talking to the neighbors and fully grasping the event, I knew that God was talking directly to me with the words, “I heard your daily prayer.” It was the affirmation that I needed and I stopped praying for God’s protection for my children. I knew without a doubt that God had a special plan for my daughter. Answered prayers have powerful effects.

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''Freedoms Journey''The US BOOK Review Response

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